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An Immersive Training Program

ITT Pilates stands for Integrated Teacher Training in the Pilates Method. ITT Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program uses the exercises developed by Joseph Pilates to understand and appreciate movement with sound biomechanics.


See, Sense and Create Change

The Comprehensive Training is a 450-hour career-oriented program and prepares you to teach on and off the equipment, in all types of settings. This in-depth training focuses on teaching you how to apply the ITT Pilates principles of sound biomechanics with insightful cueing and protocols for working with individual needs.

This integrative approach to corrective exercise includes instruction in hands-on techniques that make the Pilates exercises accessible and impactful for more bodies. The goal is to provide you with the skills and tools to see, sense and create change in your clients. Becoming an ITT Pilates Instructor gives you the confidence to teach a variety of individuals and the ability to help people reach their full movement potential.

We teach the underlying principles and goals of each exercise with a thorough understanding of anatomy and biomechanics, giving students a solid foundation on which to build.

“As an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist, my practice demands respect for healthy movement and protection of the joints and muscles throughout a lifetime. Jean’s attention to detail and her insistence that the intrinsic stabilizing muscles around a joint be active during each exercise, prepares ITT practitioners to support these principles of healthy use of one’s body. This allows me confidence in encouraging my patients to pursue ITT Pilates and I am so pleased Reforming Foundations has brought it to the Detroit area.” -Lindsay Brandt, DPT


Our Philosophy

We believe great instructors are lifelong learners who seek ongoing mentorship.

While this teacher training fully prepares brand new instructors, it also provides a smart continuing education strategy for movement instructors and wellness professionals experienced in other approaches. We welcome professionals who desire focused, ongoing, collaborative growth.

“ITT has helped me refine and enrich my practice. Through ITT I have been able to develop my eye as an instructor. Rather than just cuing exercises, I am able to more clearly see what is going on in a client’s body. The time spent in explaining specific anatomy as it relates to exercise is so helpful. Whereas before I felt nervous when I encountered problems, now I truly feel like I have been given the correct tools to meet my clients’ needs.” -Tiffany Allred, Instructor


The Founders

ITT Pilates was founded in 2003 by four internationally recognized Pilates Master Trainers - Jean Sullivan, Madeline Black, Joerg Chabowski, and Debra Schubert.

This “power team” built a Pilates Teacher Training Program that provides students with a solid core of knowledge, tools to become an excellent instructor, and wisdom from their decades of professional experience.  Co-founder and Program Director Jean Sullivan will personally conduct this training.

Successful completion of the program qualifies you to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certification exam.


Safely Addressing Spinal Conditions with Pilates 
With Jean

  • 6 CECs! Michigan Physical Therapy Association

  • Understand the most common spinal conditions that can safely be addressed with Pilates exercises

  • Understand the importance and relevance of training for stability and mobility rather than strength alone

  • Learn the role of Multifidus and Transversus Abdominis muscles in spinal stabilization

  • Learn to train the nervous system with motor control exercises for stabilization

  • Learn Pilates exercises to restore mobility in the thoracic spine while stabilizing the lumbar spine

  • Learn how to safely progress a client from stabilization to full body movement using Pilates exercises

Addressing Scoliosis using the Pilates Methods and Equipment
With Jean

  • 6 CECs!

  • Learn the differences between structural and functional scoliosis

  • Learn movement guidelines for working safely with structural scoliosis clients

  • Learn movement assessments to note spinal mobility in all planes

  • Learn which muscles are commonly tight and need to be released in order to increase mobility

  • Explore stretches and exercises that clients can practice at home as a daily program

  • Explore stretches and exercises on Pilates equipment that practitioners can use to increase mobility, strength and stability in clients with scoliosis

The Pelvic Girdle: Sacrum, Lumbar and Pelvic Harmony
With Brooke

  • Learn how the sacrum moves within the pelvic girdle and how the lumbar spine affects the sacrum

  • Learn the interplay between muscles above and below the pelvis that can affect functional movement in the sacrum

  • Learn how to assess the motion of L5 on S1 in all planes

  • Learn why imbalance in the piriformis muscles can lead to sacrum dysfunction and how to release a chronic tight piriformis

  • Learn how tight pelvic floor muscles can interrupt sacral motion and how to release them

  • Assess the motion of the sacrum in gait and train healthy muscle firing patterns

  • Explore Pilates equipment exercises that develop balanced strength in the lumbar spine and pelvic girdle to support healthy sacral motion

The Shoulder Girdle: Creating Mobility and Strength  
With Brooke

  • Review the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and how it functions

  • Learn to see and assess compensated movement in the shoulder girdle

  • Learn what muscles are commonly tight and restrict healthy movement patterns

  • Explore muscle and tissue releases to teach clients for home programs

  • Learn Pilates exercises that teach movement re-patterning for the scapulothoracic area and glenohumeral joint

  • Learn how to weave activation exercises into a Pilates equipment session for successful strength training


Your Roadmap to a
Fulfilling Pilates Career

Trainings are once a month, Friday through Sunday from September 2019 through May 2020.


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The ITT Pilates
program begins September 13, 2019.