1. What kind of classes do you offer?

Each of our classes utilizes all pilates equipment and focus on the quality of movement, not the apparatus itself. Classes are Balance, Mobility, Endurance and Power. Within each class, you’ll refine your Pilates practice and provide your body the challenge it craves. Detailed class descriptions can be found under the ‘Sessions’ > ‘Classes’ tab above.

In addition, we offer “Focus” workshops. Each of these workshops focuses on a specific part of our bodies; core, pelvic floor, wrist, feet, etc. In this class-like environment, each person gains insight on how the selected part of the body works, how to improve its function, and the impact that keeping it strong has on our day to day activities as well as our Pilates practice. More information on these workshops, including future dates, can be found under the ‘Events’ tab above.

2. What’s a good way to get started if I’m fairly new to pilates?

Get started 4 Individual Sessions - This package is designed to help you learn the foundations of the Pilates method. It is also for anyone who enjoys getting individualized workout, or for those who may have injuries/illnesses they are concerned about.                                                                     

3. Do men do Pilates?

Yes, absolutely! Pilates was created by a man for men. We have many male clients, from the young athlete training to be a dancer or pitcher, business owners, professionals, and even professional athletes. Pilates is great for anyone looking to strengthen their core, develop deep muscles support, increase mobility and improve alignment, and the list goes on. In addition, pilates pairs nicely with any workout that you may already be doing. Same as women, we are here to help men of all body types and athletic ability.

4. Why are your classes so small?

Our class capacity is 6 people because our primary focus is giving our clients a safe workout. Keeping classes small allows our instructors to focus and care for each body participating in the class.