Pilates Mat Class

Mat Pilates is done on the floor using an exercise mat, with props such as a foam roller, fitness circle, flex bands, stability ball and 1-3 lb weights. Pilates uses controlled breathing during body weight resisted movement to build core strength and muscle endurance.   

Essential Mat Pilates


In this beginner mat class you will master Pilates principles related to body awareness and proper alignment. These principles applied, promote a safe yet challenging workout experience. You will develop a strong mind-body connection, resulting in long lean muscles and you will leave class feeling renewed. 

Amped Up! Mat Pilates


Intermediate mat Pilates class challenging neuromuscular coordination, building strength and increasing stamina. Look out for advanced mat Pilates exercises in the mix! This fun challenging class is held with a wide variety of motivational music!

AHHH! Mat Pilates for Relaxation


Learning to use just the right amount of exertion to perform muscle movement is imperative for an optimal neuromuscular performance. This mat Pilates class is designed to bring your mind and body in harmony and feel each movement as it directly works a focused group of muscles. You will learn to work in your body and think about your muscles as they were designed to move in tandem with your mind. Breathing and the connection between the mind and the body are essential to every exercise. If you are more centered in your mind, your body will respond accordingly.