Our Studio

We are a modern Pilates studio that offers movement strategies to help your body feel its best.


Our Story

Brooke and her husband, began practicing Pilates as a gentle, safe way for Aaron to rebuild his strength and vital energy after completing cancer treatment for Lymphoma. Together they fell in love with Pilates.

Brooke was impressed with the rehabilitative effects of Pilates both for her husband surviving cancer, and for herself after shoulder surgery. A combination of Pilates and lifestyle changes helped Aaron and Brooke regain amazing health and reach their wellness goals. After personally experiencing the many benefits of Pilates, she felt compelled to help others and opened Reforming Foundations in 2014.


Our Classes

Our group classes utilize all of the pilates equipment and focus on the quality of movement. The class themes include Balance, Mobility, Endurance, and Power. Within each class, you’ll refine your Pilates practice and provide your body the challenge it craves. Because our primary focus is giving our clients a safe workout focused on alignment and movement techniques, each class has a max capacity of 6 people. Keeping classes small allows our instructors to focus and care for each body participating in the class. Detailed class descriptions can be found under Classes.

Our Clients

Our Reforming Foundations community represents a variety of wonderful people who have helped create an inclusive and supportive culture. We welcome all persons interested in learning quality movement. All of our clients share the same goal, each creating their own journey to health & wellness. Our client base ranges from the age of 9 to 94, from professional athletes to injury rehabilitation!

Our Services

We specialize in Individual Pilates sessions. Whether it’s helping you rehabilitate an injury, change poor postural habits, gain a competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress, we offer private, and rehabilitative sessions with our owner, master or expert instructors.

Individual sessions include a customized program designed to meet your needs and goals. Your program will address injuries, chronic pain, weakness, as well as areas needing specialized attention. In addition to Pilates we also offer Preventive Physical Therapy, health coaching and recovery sessions in our infrared sauna. Your road to health & wellness encompasses far beyond movement, and we are here to support you throughout your journey.