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At Reforming Foundations, we take pride in our Instructors and their continual education. Together we hold many differing certifications in multiple disciplines of fitness and wellness. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and experience with you!




The owner of Reforming Foundations and fiery enthusiastic teacher. Brooke’s Pilates instruction is exquisitely tailored to every person from the fit professional to the aging generation. Loving a challenge she is thoroughly trained for Pilates athletic conditioning and sports rehabilitation. Brooke is extremely detail oriented and loves to teach about the human body in each session. You will learn more about yourself than ever before.

Passionate about sharing her knowledge, she has created a body of instructors that all work together as a cohesive team. Everyone here at Reforming Foundations lives and breathes Pilates and they will help you “return to life".


Expert Instructors

If you're looking for a keen eye and a great workout, Expert Instructors will help you achieve your goals! All of our instructors are trained in Injuries and Health Aesthetic to best suit your individual needs.



Tiffany believes Pilates is the perfect foundational training for any other exercise or athletic activity. She excels at connecting with and motivating clients, helping them find their best versions of themselves. Fluent in Spanish, Tiffany has traveled the world during ten years of overseas living all the while raising five children! With her worldly experience you will be challenged and motivated in all of her exciting classes and sessions!



Veronica has danced competitively and is an award winning dance teacher. We love her extremely detailed eye for form and technique. Veronica has endured multiple injuries as a dancer and runner and was introduced to Pilates as a way to strengthen and improve her body’s performance. She is over the moon with how well it compliments her dance instruction. Veronica loves the way Pilates makes her feel, not only physically, but also mentally and looks forward to sharing her passion with you. Veronica treasures her two dog’s "Serena and Riley" and is looking forward to starting Wayne State’s Physical Therapy Program fall 2019.

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Yvette was classically trained in NY and has been influenced by theatre, dance, and fitness and brings this vast experience to her 14 years of teaching Pilates. She helps her clients walk away feeling connected, invigorated and empowered. Encouraging them to cultivate ownership and pride in their practice and potential. Yvette lives her best life, passionate about organic whole food nutrition, travel and outdoor fun.



Rychee has a true passion for movement. From the novice to the advanced student, she encourages her clients to be smart movers by identifying where the movement is being initiated from and then building strength from there. With 27 years of movement facilitation experience, 18 years of which are dedicated to Pilates, Rychee is a strong advocate for both healthy postpartum movement and challenging the strongest athletes. She believes Pilates is the perfect balance for every body.



Angela loves the healing effects of Pilates. She specializes in Diastasis Recti and Pelvic Floor health. Angela found Pilates helped to rehabilitate her own Diastasis Recti and has found a special niche here at Reforming Foundations helping clients learn to activate deep abdominals to client pelvic floor dysfunction. Outside of the studio, Angela enjoys heading to the lake to swim, ski and fish with her family.


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Preventive Physical Therapist

Lindsay Brandt’s injury prevention and fitness promotion services are informed by 13 years of diverse clinical experience. She discovered Pilates here as a client at Reforming Foundations while recovering from an injury. Lindsay has found it to be the perfect compliment to her highly specialized training in healthy movement and chronic disease as an Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist. In fact, she graduated from our ITT Pilates Integrated Teacher Training ™ this past May! She has joined our team at Reforming Foundations to help persons to achieve their best physical function, prevent injury and keep past injuries or chronic conditions from getting in the way of enjoyable movement.


Health Coaching

Our personal holistic health coach, Bethany Holmes, will help you perfect healthy habits that attribute to your wellness lifestyle. Her knowledge and hands on coaching style will broaden your horizons, making you feel balanced and at peace.

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