Preventive Physical Therapy

Many people have complex histories that may need a little more guidance and support to improve their movement practice and lower the risk of recurring injuries. We are pleased to announce we have expanded our wellness services to include Preventive Physical Therapy! Each session is provided by a licensed physical therapist with a goal of improving movement quality for preventing injury or re-injury, and improving fitness.

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Assessment + Program Design: A 50-minute in-depth discovery of how your health history, past injuries, current lifestyle, and daily habits contribute to how you move and feel. Our Physical Therapist will establish your body’s baseline, define your movement goals and create a personalized Pilates program.

50-minute Preventive Physical Therapy: The session is tailored to your individual movement goals, and is informed by the intricate function of the neurological and musculoskeletal systems, with consideration of any previous injuries or chronic conditions. Sessions may include manual joint stretching, muscle stretching, or functional massage as well as movement re-education and strengthening. You will leave with an awareness of how your body produces movement, and a greater sense of freedom and control as you move through the activities of your day. *Physical Therapy Assessment + Program Design required.

25-minute Preventive Physical Therapy: This is a focused version of the 50-minute session, emphasizing a single body region. The therapist will work with you to facilitate the freedom and/or control necessary to get the most out of your Pilates practice and other activities. Depending on your goals and scheduling needs, 25-minute sessions are great as an individualized warm-up just before a class or private Pilates session, or can stand independently to support healthy movement. *Physical Therapy Assessment + Program Design required.