Health Coaching

In these sessions we will work together to move you towards your health and wellness goals. You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments, and given the support and guidance you need to follow through. You will receive various handouts, meal plans, recipes, and tailored recommendations for your specific goals. You will receive 24/7 email/text support. Working together for long durations allows time to develop long-lasting lifestyle changes. Bethany will be your health advocate, do the research and support you along your journey to wellness.

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Client Testimonial

“After the birth of my son in November 2017, I have struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. With a two hour commute each day and a toddler running around, meal-prep, mindful eating, and organization have been imperative to my personal well-being. With Bethany’s advice and support, I have become an efficient grocery shopper and an expert in Sunday meal-prep. By eating healthier meals and snacks, I am actually able to consume more food than standard dieting. I am fuller longer at work and have lost the 4pm sugar crash. In addition to weight loss, I have improved my gut health and energy levels, chasing after my toddler. I highly recommend Bethany’s wellness services, she is a caring listener and has infinite ideas to improve your eating habits and lifestyle.”

-Emmy K