We offer a variety of classes to reform your body giving you long, lean, and sculpted muscles. 





Balance is all about effortless timing, control, and symmetry in motion. This class focuses on balancing your body left to right, top to bottom, and inside out to correct imbalances in your movement patterns and muscle recruitment. This class is for you if you're looking for: Core focus, coordination, postural correction, and injury prevention.




Access your body’s fullest range of motion and improve your quality of movement as you release restricted tissues, mobilize your joints, and improve neural control. You’ll move your body with ease and freedom for the rest of the day. This class is for you if you're looking for: flexibility and joint mobility.




Safely and intelligently improve your overall strength and stamina, without rigidity and stiffness, through challenging, sustained Pilates sequences. You’ll work up a sweat and improve your day-to-day energy. This class is for you if you're looking for: overall strength, higher intensity and no impact.




Whether it’s helping you rehabilitate an injury, change poor postural habits, gain a competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress, we offer private, and rehabilitative sessions with our master or certified instructors.  

Individual sessions include a customized program designed to meet your needs and goals. Your program will address injuries, chronic pain, weakness, as well as areas needing specialized attention.

Master Instructor Sessions start with an initial assessment prior to your workout session. 

Class Schedule