Professional Stott Pilates Studio in Berkley, Michigan


We offer a variety of classes to reform your body giving you long, lean, and sculpted muscles. 


Private Classes

One on one Pilates sessions tailored to your exact fitness and health goals. Individual sessions are the fastest way to progress in the Pilates method of movement. You will gain greater strength, increased flexibility, and neuromuscular coordination.

You will learn how to stabilize your core and really focus on your muscles as they are working. 


Duet Pilates

Buddy up with one of your friends or make it a date with duet Pilates. These semi-private sessions have the same focused attention of an individual session, all the while providing a great time with a friend!


Reformer & Pilates Equipment Classes

Reformer classes are offered at all levels for all people. Featured classes include Men’s Reformer, Flexion Free for those with Osteoporosis, and Cardio Reformer.

Cardio Reformer includes intervals of jumping, also challenging arms and abs! This class is sure to get your heart rate up and you perspiring. 

Pilates Equipment class offers a mix of the Reformer with the EXO Pilates Chair delivering a unique and fun, full body workout. The functional resistance tubing attached to the chair lets you both push and pull. 

Springwall class uses springs hooked at various wall heights providing a challenging and insightful workout experience. Your dominant side will become apparent and this class helps to rebalance muscular strength. It also is sure to challenge your heart rate!

TRX + Pilates creates a dynamic workout experience offering the best in strength training and body weight resisted movement.


Mat Pilates, Barre & Cardio Fitness Classes

Pilates using an exercise mat, with props such as the arc barrel, foam roller, fitness circle, flex bands, stability balls, and 1-3 lb weights. Pilates uses controlled breathing during body weight resisted movement to build core strength and muscle endurance.

Featured classes include Essential Mat Pilates, bringing the mind and body in balance, and Amped Up Mat Pilates for an intermediate to advanced class. Barre class combines the Pilates method and ballet technique to give you beautiful, sculpted, and lean muscles.

The focus you reclaim during each of these mat and barre classes will help you face your days calmly, confidently, with grace and strength.

Cardio Fitness Classes are designed to both challenge you and keep you having fun class after class!

I feel 80% stronger and more in tune with my own body.
— Ginger