Professional Stott Pilates Studio in Berkley, Michigan


We offer a variety of classes to reform your body giving you long, lean, and sculpted muscles. 




The most personal and popular piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer is designed to strengthen, align, stretch and tone your entire body. Reforming Foundations makes the Reformer, the premier piece of Pilates equipment affordable and fun.

We offer Reformer classes for everyone after completion of three private sessions.  




This wall-mounted spring resistance platform provides an invigorating full-body workout. Springwall classes incorporate mat work, props, leg and arm springs, and more. 

The Springwall gives you the results of the Cadillac but at a Studio Class rate.


Private Sessions


Whether it’s helping you rehabilitate an injury, change poor postural habits, gain a competitive edge as an athlete, or just alleviate muscle imbalances and stress, we offer private, and rehabilitative sessions with seasoned instructors certified in many different brands of Pilates the method.  

Private sessions include a customized program designed to meet your individual needs and goals. Your program will address injuries, chronic pain, weakness, as well as areas needing specialized attention


Mat Classes


This original exercise developed by Joseph Pilates includes exercises done on the floor, or "mat work".These classes take place in a group setting using your body weight as the primary source of resistance.
Focus is placed on precise movements originating from the center or core of your body. Working from the deepest layers of muscles, which stabilize and support your spine and pelvis, resulting in a strong, flexible spine with ideal posture and alignment. Classes emphasize the foundational principals of Pilates while offering modifications and variations to suit each students individual needs.

Master Instructors


The best of the best. Master Instructors have top notch certifications and years experience as movement professionals. 

Certified Instructors


If you're looking for a keen eye and a great workout, Certified Trainers will help you achieve your goals! All of our instructors are trained in Injuries and Health Aesthetic to best suit your individual needs.

Class Schedule